Monday, April 20, 2009

The egg of SATAN!

That's right, I said 'The Egg of Satan'. What in the world would you think if you found that on your husband's itunes playlist? I stumbled upon this as I was looking to switch up my gym music. So, out of curiousity I look up the lyrics. It turns out it is a German song and really called, "Ein eier von Satan." I had the lyrics translated and the whole song is about a deviled egg, including the recipe! Ahaha! I had a really good laugh at that one. Sometimes the whole language barrier thing can be quite hilarious. But, it is kind of creepy to think of  a deviled egg as an egg of Satan...because they are quite delish.

Here is Miles right before bed tonight. He sure loves to brush everyone's teeth!


AmAnda said...

That's neighboor is actually from Germany and sometimes I can barely understand her, I could only imagine living in a world of Germans....and btw Miles is just too stinkin cute!!!

4 on the go said...

Miles is so cute. I love it when the boys try to brush there teeth.
He's grown so much!