Friday, March 20, 2009

"The Lowe-Life" not to be confused with a "low" life

March has just flown by and I realized I've only posted twice. Brad and I have both been super busy which I don't mind at all. We both have a lot of personal goals we are trying to achieve before summer. It's amazing how much a tiny shift in the weather can motivate you! Here are some of our goals and/or things we're looking forward to (in no particular order).

5. School school school! We've started our online classes and we are hitting the books every night when Miles goes to bed. Our ultimate goal is to have our bachelors before we leave Deutchland.
4. Gym and sweat! We've been hitting the gym every other day! Brad is trying to bulk up and I'm trying to get my old body back as well as loose 10 pounds.
3. Our trip to England/Ireland! We leave at the end of May and are so excited as we prepare for it.
2. Bowling! We joined a bowling league. Can you believe it? It's 16 weeks long. My goal is to bowl a 200 by the end of the season. (Yah right!)
1. Book club. I joined a bookclub at the begininng of the winter it's awesome. Winters in Germany are harsh (to me anyway) so you do what you gotta do to get by. Now I am addicted. We already need a second bookshelf. I'd love to do some bookswaps with anyone who interested. By the way, Brad is totally addicted to Twilight now. Who said it was only for teenaged girls?


Suzi said...

You go GIRL!!